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Mascara is one of my favorite make up items! I think it can transform your face completely with just 2 coats.  There are days when i just wear mascara and nothing else and still feel fabulous! So i thought why not do a review on my current favorites. Okay before i start talking about them individually a few things that i would like to mention. First, never use a mascara for more than 3 months! Il tell you why. Just like all of you i wouldn’t believe in this and i would go on using my Mascara for sometimes over 6months! But what i soon started noticing was that when applied I it ,it would look fine but during the day i could see tiny black particles falling under my eyes and trust me you dont want that happening specially when its an important day or otherwise! It will also cause breaking of lashes, so never use it for more than 3months! Second, I personally love trying different mascaras, so i don’t spend too much on high end ones, because i always have 3 mascaras (minimum) which are open so i keep switching and i wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a mascara and then let it go waste cause of my 3 month rule. Third, just a tip. Sometimes some mascaras dry out faster so what you can do to correct that is, fill a warm glass of water and dip the mascara tube in it for about 2mins and viola, you’ll see the change! Fourth, always use an eye lash curler for a better effect, it works wonders! Now,on to these!

Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Waterproof(Rs. 260 for 10ml)

Revlon’s  Grow Luscious by Fabulash (Rs. 470 for 11.2 ml)

Both of these Mascara’s are amazing ones. They add a good amount of volume to your lashes. The brushes are HUGE. The revlon one covers all my lashes in just one sweep . I love using both of these mascara’s and for the times when i want out of the world lashes, i do one coat of each and the effect is fake-lashes like. Love it! Comparing the two, the revlon brush is bigger though i still prefer the volume that the colossal adds because the brush is fuller and hence adds to the effect. Also, the colossal is waterproof whereas the revlon one is not. So if you want a long lasting waterproof one, maybelline is a better bet. But you will need a make up remover to take it off as just washing your face wont work. The different thing about the revlon one is that it has a grow lash serum in it which with regular use improves the fullness and length of the eyelashes. Ive been using it for almost 2 weeks now, i dont know about the growing part, but it does make my lashes look Fabulash! So all in all they are both good in their own ways. If i had to pick, id pick Revlon for the day and Colossal for the night!

The body shop’s Super Volume Mascara (Rs. 495 for 10ml)

Okay so i have this one in Black(01) and Brown(02). I like the brush, it adds a decent amount of volume and is a good mascara for a natural looking lash effect for the day time or if you prefer the natural look in general. However my problem is the formula. I’m not a big fan of it, it dries pretty quickly, even though its not waterproof its difficult to take it off and its just not usual body shop quality.However I do prefer the brown one over the black one. It gives a better effect. All in all, you could give this one a skip, there are better mascaras available out there. But this is one of the few mascaras in India thats available in Brown so if thats what you’re looking for, go for it!

Nyx’s 1000 miles mascara (approx Rs. 275 for 7ml)

I loved this mascara while it was within those 3 months! It adds volume and it lengthens so in my opinion it was one of the best mascaras ive used. Its cute packaging as well, its so tiny, itl fit anywhere!I dont know if its still available but the formula of most nyx mascara’s is the same so go ahead and try any and do tell me how it worked!

l’oreal’s  Double Extension Waterproof Mascara (approx Rs. 750 )

This one comes with a primer so it helps your mascara stay for  longer and the primer also adds length to your lashes! The brush of the primer is smaller than the mascara brush and so it easily catches each strand and adds length while the mascara then adds the needed volume! Creates a very good effect and lasts all night! I think this one has been discontinued but l’oreal has many more of these double duos so do try them. The formula is pretty good too. I actually cheated and used this for about 4months, but it didn’t experience the particles with this one. But now im done, its going to be thrown soon!

Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Cat eyes Mascara waterproof( Rs. 360 for 10ml)

This ones in the colour Feline black. The brush looks very different and its supposed to add volume and curl to your lashes. It looked promising however the results weren’t very pleasing. Didnt do anything for the volume or curl part. It just made my lases look clumpy and weird.The formula is decent but the brush is quite bad. This one is probably my least favorite mascaras of all time! I request you to tell everyone you see buying it , to stop.

So these were a few Mascara’s that i have been using. I hope this helps you guys to go pick one for yourself! I would like to mention Dior’s Maxieyes, i recently finished using it and it’s amazing! Do try once, when you’re giving yourself a make up treat . Also i think my next mascara buy would be Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara. Ive heard amazing things about it and i cant wait to try it! If you need anymore information you can comment below or write in to . Thank you so much for visiting! Until the next post.




[Disclaimer :- I bought all of these products on my own, nobody has sponsored or asked me to review these products.]


4 responses

  1. I agree with the 3 months. But I hate wasting my un-used up mascara.. 😛
    anyway, my fav is the maybelline colossal and I also love colorful mascaras like ink blue and purple have those in street wear and color bar respectively.

    Great list.


    February 25, 2011 at 11:51 AM

  2. I love how well-rounded this blog is.
    Nice work!

    February 25, 2011 at 12:50 PM

  3. kanika

    thanku for d info….just luv ur blog…!!!
    keep updating…!!

    February 25, 2011 at 1:01 PM

  4. Sana

    Personal experience, d maybelline n lo’real one r pwetty gud….!!
    n i loved ur post n oso d fact dat u ppl add make up related stuff too…nw m excited to read ur future posts too…n im so followin ur tips..;)

    February 25, 2011 at 1:49 PM

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