Hey everyone! Hows everyone doin’? We are both drowning in work. Malavika has been busy with a college fest in which she won the best dancer’s award, so wohoo to that!!  And me, as this is my final year of college and my last few months before i graduate,i have been SO busy with submissions, tests and collecting memories! I know some of you are upset because we’ve been MIA and  we apologize!! We hope this will make you happy!!  Okay so now about this post.  We have both been following various bloggers for over 2 years now! While some play a very important role in inspiring us to do what we do now and in the formation of  Styledrive,  the others are those who keep inspiring us!! So here are a few styles which are personally my favourite from some of these fabulous bloggers!! Links to all their blogs are noted down below, so do visit them !! Also also also we crossed over 10000 hits this weekend and we are SO excited and overwhelmed! Thank you so much for all your support, you guys are the best!! Now lets get started.

1) Black on Black

Black is personally my favourite colour! I can use it in every single outfit every single day and never get bored! But whats a more fun way of wearing it  is wearing all things black! As you can see in the above pictures, both of them have carried this trend off with such great style! Both outfits are so different from the other! While the first is more feminine the other gives a rugged feel due the the leather shorts! Both are fabulous outfits and the accessories are worth stealing. Also i love Audrey’s vintage 60’s glasses!! She inspired me to get one of my own!! SO if you happen to find them, grab them immediately! And if you want the same one’s as her, you can buy them on her online store. (http://www.frassyrags.com/)

2) Polka dots

Polka dots are so much fun! You can wear a polka dot dress like Tanvi has worn or you could pair a nice polka dot shirt like Jasleen’s with your favourite pair of jeans or trousers! Notice how both stuck to tan colored accessories to match the look and let the polka dots be the only center of attention!! Do try this trend while it lasts!! 🙂 And also i am an absolute fan of Tanvi’s mix and matching skills! She’s the best at it!! When you visit her fabulous blog you’ll notice how amazing she is at it. As for Jasleen, she’s amazing at pretty much everything she does and she and Sonu make the best team ever!


3) Bright Colours

Springs here and summer will be here soon!! I love spring fashion because of its colours! Wear bright block coloured dresses, cardigans , t-shirts, pants or anything and grab eyeballs! Trick to wearing brights and not looking like a garden is using a neutral colour throughout your outfit. That sort of diverts the attention in a good way while still letting the colours brighten everyones day! Another favourite of mine is bright neon lipsticks!! I think they are absolutely fabulous and wearing a simple outfit is the best way to carry these lip colours off!! Just so you know, i think YSL makes the best neon matte lipsticks!! Do try them!

4)Black red & white

This is isnt a current trend but so what? A trend has to start somewhere so why not here? All these fashionistas rock the combination of these 3 Colours in their own personal ways! I love Sonu’s outfit – the pants, the red cardigan,the belt everything is fabulous! So are the other 2 outfits! Audrey’s sunglasses never fail her. And i adore whatiwore’s Red stockings and red boots! So create your own outfits using these 3 colours and send us your pictures! 🙂

5) Shorts & Strips

Shorts and nauticals are two permanent trends from spring/summer!! Shorts make life so much easier during the hot summers and the nauticals give you a very fresh feeling! Nautical s are everywhere, shoes, nags, clothes, jewellery!! Pair your shorts with a cute T-shirt or shirt and dress them up or down with your accessories! Dulce shows us 2 different looks, one for the day and one for the night! I personally love her style as she uses alot of black in her outfits which makes it easier for me to relate to her simple and chic style even more!

6) Longer Hemlines

Longer hemlines!! We’ve seen various celebrities carry of this trend and we’ve read articles on it every weekend. But now it’s time that we try it ourselves!! Masoom does this is in a very chic and cute way. She paired her mid lenght skirt with a bright t-shirt and cute accessories, appropriately for her age and style. If you’re new to this style, begin with a black, grey or tan one. These colours are easier to style and can be worn in combination with various colours! Another thing would be to use belts has it makes your lower body look longer and adds shape!


Pictures – From the bloggers mentioned  ; Write up – Aayushi Bangur

*The fantabulous blogs*









Personal thanks to all the bloggers and I hope you guys have a lovely weekend!! 🙂





10 responses

  1. Hey thanks a lot girls for your kind words. Loving this post and the other bloggers are our favourite too just like the two of you are 🙂

    February 5, 2011 at 6:01 PM

  2. You two are just plain adorable. Thank you so much 🙂
    Now waiting for an outfit post from you both 🙂

    P.S.: You make us wait too long! Haha!


    February 5, 2011 at 6:14 PM

  3. Loveee it ! 😀

    February 5, 2011 at 7:28 PM

  4. Thanks girls! I am HONORED to be featured on your Blog!!! Everyone featured here … and you two are definitely on my daily watch list! 🙂

    February 5, 2011 at 8:49 PM

  5. mom

    congratulations on crossing 10 000 hits !!!!—and all the best for your exams.

    oceans of love to you two, your friends and fans.

    February 6, 2011 at 8:54 AM

  6. Loved the post!

    Come back soon, Fabulous Fashionistas! 🙂

    February 18, 2011 at 3:11 AM

  7. I just found your blog via Masoom’s blog so thanks to both you and her for such a fabulous discovery.

    I am in love…..going through your archives now….Honestly desi bloggers rock!

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

    February 20, 2011 at 6:04 PM

  8. Lovely post! you guys have featured some of the cutest (and my favorite) bloggers in the blogging world 😀
    I’m personally partial to the black on black trend 🙂

    February 21, 2011 at 4:02 AM

  9. Awwww so sweet! Maybe someday you will include me too?! 😉 haha!

    March 5, 2011 at 5:04 PM

  10. very sweet to feature me! your blog is lovely!

    frassy love xxxx

    March 13, 2011 at 3:46 PM

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