Hey girlies. Okay so winters here which means along with an awesome weather we have to deal with dry skin and chapped lips! But there is no way we are letting winter ruin this wonderful charming festive season for us.So we tried a few products and this is what we love! Bonus these products are easily available and are economically priced!So lets begin!

1)Nivea Nivea has a range of lip balms but the one we tried was the ‘nivea pinkish boost’ which retails at Rs.179 approximately. Along with hours of nourishment it also gives your lips this wonderful baby pink colour which we’re a sucker for.It makes your lips look glossy yet nourished and smooth looking. And and it also comes with SPF 15. Must try!

2)Biotique-Okay we don’t know how many of you know of this brand but we are in love with their products.  They come in this wonderful green packaging. We love it.(its easy to spot in your clustered bag). They have a variety of lip products including lip balms,lip plumpers, tan removers etc. The 2 products that we picked were;

bio peppermint-Okay as the name suggest it smells like peppermint.The smell is addictive. Its a green colour blam which gives no colour to your lips but does add a glaze which is beautiful. Very moisturizing. And cute adorable packaging.this retails at rs.99/-.

sunflower lip balm -So this one unlike the first one gives your lips a reddish colour which looks fabulous. It’s as moisturizing and gives a nice colour pay off too. But if you’re someone who doesn’t like colour on your lips all the time then skip this one.I personally love how this one smells too.It retails at an approximate price of Rs.135/-.
The quantity of these products is amazing,itll last you for an entire season. love their products, only complaint being that you have to use your finger every time you need to apply or re-apply. But because we love the products so much,we carry a tiny lip brush around.

3)The Body Shop- We tried their stick as well as their jar form of lip balms. We got the jar one in the ‘Passion Berry’ flavor.Again very cute packaging and an absolutely amazing scent.But we didn’t find it as nourishing as the others. It was also a little sticky for our liking.The stick one of the other hand was more nourishing and lasted longer. It also was easy to apply and smelled like vanilla.
They retail at an approximate of Rs.250-300.These are both available in a variety of flavours and have absolutely no colour pay off.For more information check out or visit your nearest body shop outlet.

4)Fab India-Okay you might be surprised to see this, but fab india does have an amazing line of body and bath products. The lip balm that we picked was the one in ‘plum passion’. It comes in a jar form,very similar to the body shop packaging. It’s however way more nourishing and a lot less expensive. It retails at Rs.75/- at all Fab india outlets. Again its available in Mango,kiwi,dew plum and a bunch of other flavors.

5)Revlon- Revlon has come out with a new product called the shinysheers. These are available in 5 colours and the one we picked is called ‘sheer dewy blossom’. Its a beautiful hot pink colour.It leaves a very natural looking pink glaze on your lips and its a lot more moisturizing then normal lipsticks.It has no smell what so ever.Love the sleek,black packaging.It retails at Rs. 525 approximately. Must try for girls who love colour like we do!

6)Mac’s lip conditioner –This one is a little on the higher end.It one comes in a tube,jar and stick form. However the one we tried was in the tube form because we’ve heard that the tube form is better than the rest.Also the tube makes it very easy to apply.The product is a clear one. No colour at all. Very nourishing and smells like any other MAC lip product. Used this product for a while now and  absolutely love it.These are only available at MAC counters.Retails at an approximate of Rs.800/-.Worth the investment.

7)Banana Boat- This one isn’t available very easily here in India. It comes in a stick form and smells amazing. No colour and easy application. The best thing is that it comes with SPF 30! this is one product that you can gift your boyfriend too.

8 )Victoria Secret –The Shinesticks by VS are absolute favourites. These are not available in India but its a must grab whenever possible. Its available in 5 colours and our favourite is ‘melon out’.Its a lovely soft pink colour.Its got lovely colour pay off and it will leave your lips moisturized. It gives you a very juicy,smooth,kissable lips finish.It retails at an approximate of Rs. 300($7).

9) Vaseline- Last but not the least is the oldest form of lip balm ever known and that’s vaseline,white petroleum jelly. It’s the best night treatment you could give your lips. Available in different sizes,you can grab one at your local drug store. The 50gms retails at a mere Rs.28!

So these were the few products we loved out of the many more that were tried. Try these and tell us how you liked them. And if you have a favourite lip conditioner,comment below and tell us about it. 🙂



2 responses

  1. Vartika

    Tried d neutrogena lip moisturizer…. very subtle on d lips, lasts long, has spf 15 on d whole something i always hav on me…… i guess u can check it out too!

    November 12, 2010 at 12:05 PM

  2. Poorva

    Helpful 🙂 Gonna try out the sunflower lip balm 🙂 love your blog, lovely ladies out there! 🙂

    November 18, 2010 at 7:10 PM

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